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Nationwide Process Serving Services, Satisfaction Guaranteed in and Outside of New York

A.C.E. New York is a Nationwide Process Serving, Legal Document, Court Services and Subpoena Delivery Service

If you are a first time user of A.C.E. Hempstead nationwide process serving services, welcome and thank you for your consideration. Every client approaches process service, subpoena, skip tracing and courier services from a different perspective and/or has different requirements. We understand that there are often time constraints in obtaining service and or information and we will do everything possible to meet your deadlines. Please let us know exactly what you need and we do our best to exceed your expectations.

In every new relationship, there is a period of time where the two parties get to know each other. Our personalized client services are designed to impress you. You will find our nationwide specialists and to be very capable of meeting your needs as we get to know you.

A.C.E. utilizes an experienced and knowledgeable network of process servers and couriers who work with law offices and people across the nation who in need of any legal support service.

A.C.E. performs services in Hempstead and every state in America. Each state has its own operating rules concerning service of process, courier services and privacy laws. Every step we take is fully compliant and always tried and true.

We don’t want you to worry. Whenever you have a question or a concern, please call or email us immediately. We will always be available to assist you, and we won’t leave your side until you are happy. Your satisfaction is our main priority.

Call or email us! The owner will personally be involved and will discuss your needs. We look forward to a long and mutually productive relationship providing dependable service and value to your business matters.

When ypu hire an A.C.E. Process Server in New York or anyhwere in the United States, you are guaranteed results. To confirm your needs, please call 888-406-6517 or utilize our contact form.

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